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Hotel Ragavendra Rameswaram

Hotel Ragavendra Rameswaram, an epitome of family-friendly hospitality, sits merely 300 meters away from the iconic Ramanathasamy temple, the revered Agni Theertham, and the serene beach in Rameswaram. This strategically located hotel offers a range of accommodation options suitable for various family sizes, including the cozy Double Rooms, spacious Triple Rooms, accommodating Four Bedded Rooms, and expansive Five Bedded Rooms, ensuring a comfortable and personalized stay for all guests.

Adding to its allure is the Vitamin R Restaurant, seamlessly attached to the hotel and celebrated as one of the town’s premier spots for delectable Indian vegetarian cuisine. With a menu that showcases the finest flavors and culinary richness of Indian cuisine, guests can indulge in an unforgettable dining experience right within the welcoming confines of the hotel.

Hotel Ragavendra prides itself on catering to families seeking both convenience and comfort. The thoughtfully designed rooms offer a peaceful retreat after spiritual visits or beach side excursions. The hotel’s hospitable staff ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere, promising a delightful stay for every guest.

Strategically positioned and equipped with a host of amenities, Hotel Ragavendra stands as an ideal hub for families to immerse themselves in Rameswaram’s cultural and spiritual heritage. Whether exploring the temple, relishing beach activities, or savoring authentic Indian vegetarian delicacies, this hotel guarantees a memorable and enjoyable stay, creating cherished moments amidst the tranquility of this revered destination. Experience Rameswaram’s essence at Hotel Ragavendra, rebranded as iHotels – Rameswaram

Ramanathasamy Temple 300m | Agni Theeram 200M | Rameswaram Beach 100M | Railway Station 2KM | Rameswaram Bustand 2.5KM

Hotel Features


Double Room

The cozy Double Bed Room at Hotel Ragavendra offers comfort and convenience. Ideal for couples or solo travelers, it’s a tranquil retreat after exploring the nearby Ramanathasamy temple, Agni Theertham, and the serene beach.

Note : Room is Suitable for Family with small childern

Triple Room

The spacious Triple Bed Room at  Hotel Ragavendra) is perfect for families or small groups. Offering ample space and comfort, it’s an inviting retreat after visiting the nearby Ramanathasamy temple, Agni Theertham, and the tranquil beach.

Note : The Family Room is Suitable for Family with Elder children

Four Beded Room

The accommodating Four Bed Room at  Hotel Ragavendra is tailored for larger groups. With ample space and comfort, it provides a serene haven after exploring the nearby Ramanathasamy temple, Agni Theertham, and the scenic beach.

Note : The Family Room is Suitable for Families with Elder children

Five Beded

“Hotel Brindavan Elite’s Beach View Suite offers a lavish escape with a king-size cot, a chic living area, and mesmerizing vistas of Rameswaram Beach. This opulent space harmonizes luxury, comfort, and breathtaking views, creating an unmatched retreat that combines sophistication with the serene beauty of the coastline.”

Note : The Family Room is Suitable for Family with Elder children