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Hotel Brindavan Residency

Hotel Brindavan Residency in Rameswaram
is a delightful haven nestled in the heart of Rameswaram, catering to families seeking comfort and convenience without compromising on affordability. Located within proximity to the revered Ramanathasamy temple, the sacred Agni Theertham, and the mesmerizing beach, this budget-friendly establishment ensures an immersive experience in this spiritual and scenic destination.

The hotel boasts an inviting atmosphere, offering a range of accommodations to suit various family sizes. Guests can choose from a selection of rooms tailored to their needs, including the cozy Double Rooms, spacious Triple Rooms ideal for small families, and the accommodating Four Bedded Rooms, perfect for larger groups. Each room is thoughtfully designed, providing a harmonious blend of comfort and functionality to ensure a relaxing stay.

One of the hotel’s highlights is its on-site dining experience at Vitamin R Restaurant, renowned for its delectable Indian vegetarian cuisine. With a menu curated to tantalize taste buds and offer a delightful culinary journey, guests can savor a variety of flavors and dishes that showcase the richness of Indian vegetarian fare.

Hotel Brindavan Residency takes pride in its commitment to exceptional hospitality, offering amenities and services that enhance the overall stay. The staff’s warm hospitality and dedication to guest satisfaction create a welcoming environment, making visitors feel right at home.

Whether guests seek spiritual solace, a beachside retreat, or simply wish to explore the cultural heritage of Rameswaram, Hotel Brindavan Residency stands as an ideal choice, providing a comfortable and convenient base for families to create lasting memories amidst the beauty and serenity of this revered destination.

Hotel Features


Double Room

“Experience pure luxury in Hotel Brindavan Elite’s Deluxe Room. Elegantly designed with modern amenities, it offers a haven of comfort. Plush bedding, sleek interiors, and state-of-the-art technology ensure a sophisticated stay, promising relaxation and indulgence in the heart of Rameswaram”

Note : Room is Suitable for Family with small childern

Triple Bed Room

“Hotel Brindavan Elite’s Sea View Room offers an exquisite retreat. Wake up to stunning vistas of the ocean. With contemporary design, luxurious amenities, and panoramic views, this room combines comfort and scenic beauty for an unparalleled stay in Rameswaram’s heart, perfect for rejuvenation and serenity.”

Note : The Family Room is Suitable for Family with Elder children

Four Beded Room

“Hotel Brindavan Elite’s Family Room is designed for comfort and convenience. With two queen-size cots, it’s ideal for a family retreat. Spacious, modern, and equipped with top-notch amenities, it ensures a delightful stay amidst Rameswaram’s charm, offering space and luxury for a memorable experience.”

Note : The Family Room is Suitable for Families with Elder children