22 Theerthams inside Ramanathasamy Temple ,  Rameswaram



Mahalakshmi Theertham: Revered for its association with Goddess Lakshmi, symbolizing wealth and prosperity.


Savithri Theertham: Dedicated to Savithri, known for her devotion to her husband, Satyavan.


Gayathri Theertham: Associated with the sacred Gayatri Mantra, representing divine energy and spiritual growth.


Saraswati Theertham: Linked to Goddess Saraswati, the embodiment of knowledge, arts, and wisdom.


Sethu Madhava Theertham: Holds significance in the context of Rameswaram’s connection to the Ram Sethu bridge.


Gandhamadana Theertham: Created by Lord Rama using his bow, believed to possess healing properties.


Kavatcha Theertham: Connected to the protective shield (kavacha) given to Vibhishana by Lord Rama.


Gavaya Theertham: Its waters are believed to be sanctified by the presence of sacred cows.


Nala Theertham: Linked to Nala, known for his righteousness and devotion.


Neela Theertham: Named after Neela Devi, a character from Hindu mythology.


Sangu Theertham: Associated with conch shells, symbolizing purity and auspiciousness.


Chakra Theertham: Represents the divine discus (chakra) of Lord Vishnu, symbolizing protection.


Brahmahathi Vimochana Theertham: Believed to absolve one from the sin of killing a Brahmin.


Surya Theertham: Linked to the Sun God, representing vitality and energy.


Chandra Theertham: Associated with the Moon God, symbolizing coolness and tranquility.


Ganga Theertham: Symbolizing the sacred Ganges River, revered for its purifying properties.


Yamuna Theertham: Associated with the Yamuna River, known for its sanctity.


Gaya Theertham: Possibly connected to Gaya, a place of ancestral rites and offerings.


Siva Theertham: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, symbolizing divine purification.


Satyamirtha Theertham: Believed to provide the essence of truth and nectar of immortality.


Sarva Theertham: Represents the collective sanctity of all teerthams.


Kodi Theertham: Holds significance during the annual Kodi festival, drawing devotees for ritual baths.

These theerthams collectively represent a tapestry of mythology, spirituality, and purification rituals, making the pilgrimage to Rameswaram an integral part of Hindu religious practices.

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